Briefly in English

Degrowth is a symbolic weapon and an international movement that takes a critical look at the idea of economic growth, which has now pervaded our everyday lives so successfully.

As a term, degrowth does not simply refer to a shrinking economy as one might easily (mis)interpret. Degrowth is an "anti-concept" to growth - an intellectual and practical tool for critiquing and looking beyond the neo-liberal idea that the source of all good in life and society (health, employment, democracy, even ecological well-being) is economic growth. is a project that studies degrowth and takes it into practice in the Finnish context. For now, the project is run by two researchers affiliated with the Aalto University School of Economics in Helsinki. Their focus is on the cultural dimensions of degrowth and particularly on the contemporary practices of citizens, firms, and other organizations that may either embrace or resist the growth fetish.

Aalto University Magazine has published an article on degrowth and our project: "Wellbeing uncoupled from economic growth. In the West, the chain of logic goes something like this: economic growth is needed to fund wellbeing. Degrowth presents another approach. It is based on the idea that wellbeing can increase even when the economy contracts."

If you are interested in learning more or joining our efforts, you may contact either Paavo Järvensivu or Timo Järvensivu by email (firstname.lastname [at]